Crisis Pregnancy Resources

Get Real With Yourself

Get Real With Yourself is a program designed to give support and hope to individuals who are struggling to make decisions regarding pregnancy and/or parenting plans. They provide free non-judgmental pregnancy education. All of their provided services are confidential.

Option Line

OptionLine has trained consultants available 24/7 to listen to concerns and to answer questions about pregnancy, abortion and related issues. Consultants will also connect you to nearby pregnancy centers and/or caring people nearby. All services are confidential.

Teen Breaks

Teen Breaks offers up-to-date and comprehensive information on questions regarding dating, sex, pregnancy and abortion. Here teens find a team of people dedicated to protecting them from the pain of bad decisions.

PASS Support (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome)

This is a site for women who have had an abortion and need a place to discuss it in a neutral, non-judgmental setting. The website includes thousands of posts by women on an after abortion support message board. Here women share knowledge, experiences and helpful advice for one another.