General Information

These sites are useful for gathering general information about various issues of life, family and ministry. They are not designed to minister to a hurting or grieving person.

Lutherans for Life

Lutherans for Life is a pro-life, pro-family ministry, neither a church body nor a denomination but a voluntary organization. Their mission is to witness to the sanctity of life through education based on the Word of God. LFL believes the Church is compelled by God's Word to speak and act on behalf of those who are vulnerable and defenseless.

Titus 2 for Life

The mission of Titus 2 for Life is to help men and women find hope and healing in Jesus Christ and mentor generations in Biblical manhood and womanhood.

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

In a grateful response to God's grace and empowerment by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament, the mission of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is to share the Gospel message of Christ’s death and resurrection to churches, communities, and the world.

World Relief & Human Care

The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod also shares God's love with others by meeting human needs (physical, emotional, and spiritual) of those who are suffering. They have built and help to maintain a large network of Lutheran hospitals, nursing homes, human care and adoption agencies to serve the sick, the elderly, the victims of abuse, those struggling with addictions, and many others coping with difficult situations and transitions in life.

After Abortion

This Roman Catholic organization is dedicated to post-abortion research, education and advocacy. They also reach out with compassion to those suffering the aftermath of abortion.

Life Issues Institute

This site serves educational needs of the pro-life movement from a Christian perspective.


Non-denominational national network of pregnancy centers and crisis pregnancy care.