I Don't Want to Live This Way!

Too many nights, I cry myself to sleep. I’m so disappointed in myself and what I’ve become. I’m not living the way I know I should, but how can I do better?

In my private moments, I wonder:

  • What needs to change?
  • Is there something or someone who will give me courage to make the changes I need to make?
  • Is there someone I can trust for honest answers to tough questions?
  • Is there any way to leave my past behind?

Too many people tell me that I’m just a victim of circumstances. They tell me this is my life and I’m stuck with it. But, if I know this isn’t the best way to live, isn’t there something I can do about it? Is there anyone out there who cares enough to help me? Yes!

For immediate assistance in a crisis, please call:

Word of Hope at 1-630-990-0909

Or, contact OptionLine at 1-800-395-HELP (-4357)