I Regret My Abortion

One woman explained to me, "The reality of my abortion has broken my heart. It has crushed me and left me in despair." This was stated by a post-abortive woman, and perfectly illustrates the pain and regret an abortion can cause. Though many women who have had abortions try to forget and rationalize their decision, they still struggle to cope with everyday life and continue to repress painful memories. One day, something may "trigger" symptoms associated with PAS (post-abortion stress).

Here are some things you may be feeling:

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The need to sacrifice

Ideas of punishment

Obsession with pregnancy

Anniversary syndrome

Re-experiencing the abortion

Eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse

If you are feeling any of the above symptoms, we are here to help you realize that there is always hope and forgiveness found in Christ. God is greater than all sin, including abortion.