Deaconess Chrissie Gillet, PsyD

Word of Hope Director

Office: 888.217.8679


Frequently seen in boots and jeans, Chrissie reveals her Texan upbringing and love for country-living. She particularly enjoys time with her family in the garden or at the lake. Down-to-earth and modest, she prefers genuine conversation on a first name basis over haughty titles related to her education or vocation. Chrissie is married to her best friend, Steph Gillet, who is a pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Tomahawk, WI. They enjoy working side by side in the ministry as a husband-wife and pastor-deaconess team. Together they have seven children, but only their youngest still resides at home, along with Phoebe, their Labradoodle in therapy dog training.

Chrissie earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Spalding University, and completed her psychology residency as an officer in the United States Air Force. She served four years active duty and another four as Inactive Reserve. God blessed her with a range of counseling experiences in settings such as: a domestic violence shelter, the suicide crisis hotline, military mental health clinics, and a Christian counseling agency. Transitioning from an emphasis on psychology to theology, Chrissie attended the Distance Deaconess Program at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. She graduated in October 2018 and was commissioned as a deaconess with Lutherans for Life.

In her position as the Word of Hope Director, Chrissie answers the hotline calls and emails. Understanding both the secular worldview and the Christ-centered perspective, she listens without personal judgment while also responding in Christian truth and love. Motivated by compassion, she often goes above and beyond to connect people with local services and natural supports. Beyond her typical hotline responsibilities, Chrissie writes articles, publicly speaks, and leads Bible studies on a range of topics related to life issues.

Valuing a Christ-centered lifestyle, Chrissie serves her neighbor through acts of mercy. Each year, she opens her heart and home to exchange students from around the world. Amongst her church family, she regularly visits folks who are hospitalized or shut-in, and enjoys the fellowship while creating crafts with members in her home. Within the rural and small-town community, she gifts numerous people with produce from her garden, home-cooked dishes or crocheted newborn baby blankets. Truly, to know Chrissie, is to know her as your loving sister in Christ.  

Deaconess Janet Nicol

Word of Hope Phone Counselor


Deaconess Janet Nicol lives in the Central Ohio area northwest of Columbus. Her husband of 39 years is a farmer, and they live on land that has been in her husband’s family for four generations. They have raised four children—all grown (two boys and two girls)—and have four grandchildren (three boys and one girl.) Janet received her Bachelor of Music degree in 1984 and has been active as a piano teacher, classroom music teacher at the local Lutheran day school, and choir director at church for many years. She also helps the farm some as well as with the business that goes along with for children. In 2014, she was led by the nudging of her pastor to become a deaconess through the distance program at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2016, she was called by her home congregation in Ohio, and has been serving as a deaconess there for the past seven years mainly in the areas of worship, education, and grief support. Janet enjoys reading, art, music, and camping, along with many other things because she is a constant learner and tends to be eclectic in activities and tastes. She is passionate about Lutheran doctrine, theology, and life and feels very blessed to be on the Word of Hope and LFL team. She says, “I pray that the Lord of Life will give me the ability to serve my neighbors in need and proclaim His mercy to all.”

Lorelei Humphrey

Word of Hope Assistant


Lorelei Humphrey joined Lutherans For Life in April 2023 as Word of Hope assistant. She has been blessed to be born in a large family that taught her the value of life and to recognize how beautifully and uniquely God created each individual. They inspire her every day to be kind, work hard, and be herself. She has had opportunities to serve others through her church by participating in choir, helping with children’s programs, and any task where she can put her big sister skills to work. She’s a midwestern girl who loves wild winds, books, writing, and caring for both wildlife and her spoiled pets. She’s excited for the opportunity to use her talents to help others at Lutherans for Life/Word of Hope and hopes you have a wonderful day.