Hope began with one phone call.

As the one-year anniversary of her abortion approached, Jasmine thought more about her participation in the death of her unborn child. She regretted making the decision to have an abortion and felt overwhelming guilt.

Jasmine discovered the Word of Hope hotline and decided to call. “Thank you for calling Word of Hope, this is Chrissie.” For the first time, Jasmine talked about her abortion and the impact it had on her life.

She learns her guilt comes from the sin of abortion. She receives the news that our Lord Jesus Christ paid the price for sin, including her abortion, and He gives her His peace. In addition to hope, Jasmine accepts referrals to a local church and Christian counseling center.

Jasmine no longer feels alone in her suffering. She attends church to learn more about her Savior, and she participates in therapy. At times, she still grieves the death of her child, but she no longer carries the burden of guilt.

Even though Jasmine completed therapy, she continues attending church to regularly receive the Word of God and embrace the love given within her church family. Jasmine openly shares her experience, hoping it will save a child’s life and another mother from the pain she experienced after an abortion. She regularly thanks God for her forgiveness in Christ and for Word of Hope.